Photo frame – 10

Dear Friends, It feels great to be back in WordPress after a very long time. Gifted a handmade quilling photo frame to my dear brother and to my cutie pie niece 🙂     

Photo frame – 9

Made Handmade Photo frame for my niece using cardboard and handmade sheet 🙂 Happy Crafting !!!

Basket for kids

Dear Friends, Made this colorful basket using foam sheets 🙂

Minion Box

Dear Friends, Gifted a Minion Box to a little cutie pie for her b’day. For a special girl on her special day. May you have many more blessings than you’ve ever wished for and I hope that you get loads of gifts that you can play 🙂 Here is the step by step process of…

Handmade Basket

Dear friends, Made basket using rope and thermocol Here is the step by step process of making this basket in pictorial view Cut a thermocol circle as big as the base of your basket.   Start sticking the rope or twine from the center in spiral and  keep the coil tight. Before the last line insert…

Handmade Purse

Dear Friends, Had a  lovely time in making this handmade purse using cardboard, handmade sheets and fabric 🙂 Here you can see the step by step process of making this Purse in pictorial view 🙂 Cut 2 pieces of cardboard “3.25 inches * 7.5 inches” and 1 piece of cardboard “2.25inches * 7.5 inches”. Cut…

DIY Popsicle Stick Puzzle – Kids

Dear Friends, These DIY Popsicle/craft stick puzzles are easy to make and kids would love putting their new puzzles together 🙂 The best thing about these craft stick puzzle is that they are quick to make, sturdy, unique and personalized 🙂

Tissue Holder

Created handmade decorative tissue holder to place on the table, using quilling sheets 🙂

Earring Stand

Dear Friends, Had fun making this earring stand using Ice cream sticks 🙂  

Quilling Keychains – 3

Hi Friends, Had a lovely time in making these quilling keychains after a long time 🙂      

Photo frame – 5

Gifted a handmade photo frame to my friend on her birthday. This time made an attempt to paint on the frame 🙂


Made Bookmark with craft papers 🙂